well i freaked out today when i learned that AGFA north america has shut down forever and my favorite paper for printing photographs.

this is tragic

the surface had the perfect tooth and i loved it so. it always pleased me, never let me down.

i hate you AGFA

fucking nazis


i just looked over my feeble minded trans-father's blog www.greenfrogcafe.blogspot.com yes take your time to laugh and then regain composure. annnyway. i want to respond to some of the comments she made about david's idenity as a drag queen and a pomo homo fag man.

yes a drag queen can be very easily categorized as a trans-person. do we refer to elizabethan shakepearian actors who played female roles as trans? and of course each person's idenity and whatever is very personal and different. but in my experience drag queens who identify as drag queens live their days as men and their nights as drag queens NOT ladies. this varies and it varies greatly. but drag queen is an occupation mostly. i know with great certainty that when david is violet, he is not by any means trying to look like sound like or act like a woman. a drag queen is a CLOWN. think about it, take some time. C-L-O-W-N. who shows up at a party covered in rediculous makeup in a bad outfit and gets on stage and acts like a fool? amanda lepore. wait NO. drag queens. most notably, my boyfriend david.

i'm not saying that david doesnt identify as trans or any other drag queens don't or many of them. but i'm just saying that david is not a tranny and if he ever decided that he was gonna live as a woman, i would leave him.

i assure you all that david doesnt feel torn between his two idenities. and if he ever does he will choose me over his wigs. cause im more comfortable. and hot.

ok you can all respond hatefully now

so my body has decided it wont sleep unless i take pills, but i ran out, so no sleep last night

i think ive had that same enormous bottle of sleeping pills from costco for some obsene amount of time. like several years. i guess since i was medicated for the past two years i havent needed to put myself to sleep.

thank god i'm not medicated anymore. it's been hard for david to get used to me now that i have emotions. ooh and mood swings! the trademark zug 30 second mood swing. ah it's a classic

i watched party monster, the documentary not the theatrical movie. several conclusions. james st.james was always an ugly fag. that fat bitch with the dreds and shit, yeah, she's nasty. didnt like natasha lyonne or whatever play her in the movie version? yeah fat bitch mustve been happy about that. what else. oh yes, i hope to be interviewed for party monster 2. i just need to get one of my friends to kill a drug dealer.


ok so, blog, you suck!

i can't post pictures from flickr anymore. it says i should be able to. but it lies!

why are none of my friends showing up on thursday at mr. black anymore? lightweights!!!

lets have some excitement please




i miss blog. blog you were a good friend. i used to have something to say to you. oh well.



its in greenpoint and its fully furnished and cute

there will be a party you will bring us alcohol


so if you like empanadas, and you live in or should ever happen to be in park slope during the day, i suggest you go to the empanada lady on the corner of 13th st and 5th ave. she fries them up fresh for $1.25 chicken, beef or cheese. so good! mine are better of course but what can you do. i think i'll make my famous palmito empanadas tonight.